Victory Awaits

As the days wear on and our routines seem to be taking us nowhere different, I am reminded of the phrase uttered by Winston Churchill during the darkest days of WWII. “Keep buggering on,” he would say. He knew that today, like yesterday, and the day before that are not lost, or worthless. The choices … More Victory Awaits

Five Stars

A past client called me this week to discuss an issue with his house. To start the conversation, he referenced my 4 ½ and 5 star reviews online. “Obviously,” he says, “you do good work.” You can guess what comes next. “But…” Then, the client started in on why I hadn’t earned a 5 star … More Five Stars

Anticipation of Pain

I have a wonderful dentist.  After losing a filling recently, he squeezed in an early morning appointment to accommodate me.  As I sat in the chair, he offered to to work on my tooth without Novocain.  My decision was quick and easy.  Of course, I would choose some minor discomfort in the short term if … More Anticipation of Pain

Set It and Forget It

Do you remember Ron Popeil?  He famously sold rotisserie cookers on an infomercial.  According to the show, this was no ordinary cooker.  It was easier.   Put the food in, set the timer and that’s it.  He had the audience repeat “set it and forget it” over and over.   Those words ring in my head.  How … More Set It and Forget It

Ownership vs. Leadership

Are you an owner, or a leader?  Do you know the difference?  Which of the following traits describe your actions better? Owner Leader Expects more production and lower expenses.  Often adversarial Creates a platform for continuous improvement and growth Extracts Value – people within the organization can be “seduced” to leave by lower commission splits … More Ownership vs. Leadership

Leaders Are Readers

A mentor once told me that “leaders are readers.”  Ever since, I have looked to books so that I can glean knowledge and wisdom from others journey on this earth.  Im also experiencing the truth behind Charlie “Tremendous” Jones’ comment that “Five years from today, you will be the same person that you are today, … More Leaders Are Readers