Ownership vs. Leadership

Are you an owner, or a leader?  Do you know the difference?  Which of the following traits describe your actions better?



Expects more production and lower expenses.  Often adversarial

Creates a platform for continuous improvement and growth

Extracts Value – people within the organization can be “seduced” to leave by lower commission splits or more leads. 

Creates Value such that people cannot imagine their life without the company.

Has a mission.  Might be to be #1 or “the best,” to make $1 Million. 

On a mission… to build people and invest in their lives worth living

Expects trust and loyalty of people because of everything they do for their people

Cares about its people who is the foundation for earning trust and loyalty

Wants to make a dollar

Wants to make a difference

Ensures that it’s people are dependent on the organization.  The owner and leader inward facing

Develops leaders who are independent of the organization – teaches then how to think and share.  Everyone becomes outward facing

Most owners, want to be leaders.  How do we make the change?  How do we learn the mind-sets and adopt new programs?  By learning to unlock what is already inside of you.  You see, we were born to be leaders, not owners.  We were created to be outward facing, not inward.  We were put on this earth to create value, not extract it.  Join me….

Leadership Unlocked – Springfield – January 11, 2018


Leadership Unlocked – Bloomington – January 12, 2018


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