Delegate, Outsource, Or Lead?

Leaders are doers.  Far too often, however, leaders want to be delegators.  As leaders, we see something that needs to be done, or changed, then look around the organization for someone to accomplish it.  In our attempt to offload the responsibility, the quality of what was imagined is diminished.  Not because our people are not capable, but because our vision gets distorted.  It’s weakened by the leader’s failure to invest the time and creative energy needed to communicate appropriately.  This is required in order to inspire others and attain quality results. To prevent this failure, leaders may choose to outsource instead.  Outsourcing effectively saves the leader’s need to spend time and creative energy, pushing that responsibility onto another organization.  Unfortunately, with outsourcing, we sacrifice unique own value and potential contribution to the world, bestowing it on others.  

If we are to lead, we must do.  Leader’s must invest time and energy in creative pursuits, owning and harnessing the fires that burn passionately within us.  But, leaders cannot do it alone.  Neither can our people do it alone.  Our leadership, in the end, will be determined by how well we impart our vision.  These visions can only be accomplished when others are inspired to bring their gifts and talents along side ours, working with us, not for us.

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