This Is Definitely Better

Sometimes I wonder if there is a better app out there than the one I am currently using.  Frankly, I keep wondering because it’s easier than investigating the options.    Not only that, if I did go investigate, I don’t know what I am looking for.  In other words, I haven’t defined what better is.  For example, is Apple Music better than Spotify? They are so similar, do I even care? Before I make a change, it’s worth examining if one is definitely better.

Features – these are what entice me.  New features are fun to use and explore so I sign up.  In the near term, it’s a great way to be busy.  In the long term, however, features lose their entertainment value.

Ease of transfer – migrating data is hard. The old app sets up obstacles to make it harder, like not releasing my data. These are called “golden handcuffs.” Once I recognize them, I have to wonder why I want to do business with a company like that in the first place.

Price – At first, I make it all about the cost. If it’s not cheaper, I’m not looking. Unfortunately, this is too limiting. For example, Walmart may be the least expensive, but it limits my choices and I’ll likely end up with a product of inferior quality.

Status – How does using this particular app affect my social status? Truth is reputation matters. The best always come with bragging rights.

Have you considered that this is true about your clients and customers? That’s right, they are making this evaluation, every day, about you. Are the products and services that you are providing “definitely better?”

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