Gifts Of Time

I came home looking forward to a long and relaxing weekend. I nestled into the couch, attempting to unwind from the week.  No luck.  Thoughts of necessary projects consumed my mind. “The garage really needs to be cleaned out,” I thought. “While I’m at it, I should start the snowblower so that it’s ready for the first snow. I guess I should clean out my closet too. I do have some old clothes that need to go to the mission.”  The projects piled up. It wasn’t long before I was spinning with anxiety wondering how in the world I was going to get it all done.  Thankfully, I finally have time.

Fall afternoons give us the gift of time. The pool is closed, the weather is chill and the golf course is riddled with leaves.  These provide perfect conditions for projects around the house.  But, rather than dive into these overwhelming projects, I decided just to stay on the couch and have a nap.  Well-deserved rest.

Truth is, I don’t need a rest. Am I tired? Yes. But this time, rest isn’t the cure. My fatigue isn’t the result of overwork, it’s the result of overwhelm.  I am carrying the weight of all these untouched projects and they are weighing me down.  In short, I don’t need rest, I need to get productive. It’s movement that generates energy. Think about it.  When was the last time you finished a project and didn’t feel better about yourself, your house,  and your life?  Never. You always feel better.

Our businesses are no different. In fact, the real estate market is giving us the gift of time. We are no longer chasing multiple buyers, and negotiating multiple offers. Nor are we servicing excess listing inventory.  What will you do with the time?  I find myself sitting in my office chair thinking about projects. You have them too. They look like database cleanup, event planning, and writing personal notes. These are all of the things you’ve been promising to do when you have time. Guess what?  Now, you have time. Which will you choose? Anxiety-producing leisure, or an energy-producing project? Next time somebody asks you what you’re working on, have a great answer.

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