We Can Fail; We Just Can’t Suck

January was a tough month for business.  For starters, profit was low, and sales were slow.  I also designed a fantastic room addition that got rejected. I prepared extensively for an early morning meeting and got stood up.  I lost a multiple offer negotiation.  It’s a tough tone to set for the year; those are just the highlights.  By all accounts, it feels like I failed.  That affects my mood too.  So, what do I do?  Like all of us, I suck it up.  Try harder and re-commit.  Let’s Go!

If that were all it took, February would be better. Unfortunately, no indicators are suggesting that February will be better.  Woof!  So, depressing.

How do I overcome the darkness?  What prevents me from moping around the office complaining about the market and blaming Jerome Powell for ruining my plans?  One simple reminder.  We can fail; we just can’t suck.

Go back to January with me.  It was the worst production month in more than five years.  I failed to reach many goals, but I didn’t suck.  I communicated more, loved my clients, followed up more closely, met deadlines, monitored my goals, and controlled my spending.  Personally, I went to bed on time and woke up early.  I adopted a meaningful morning routine, eliminated alcohol, and read good books. Heck, I even learned how to tile a backsplash.  Best of all, I enjoyed my wife, my children, and dinner with good friends.  Together, we planned a vacation and dreamt of hot summer nights.  That didn’t suck.

I enter February with a whole heart, nervously.  The cold weather, the darkness, and the market will persist.  I cannot guarantee financial success.  I may fail, and you may too.  That’s ok. We just can’t suck.

One thought on “We Can Fail; We Just Can’t Suck

  1. Speed of the leader is the speed of the team …This is what some old very wise guy had said to me… Thank you for being such a great role model even when you experience toughness as well. SJ

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